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Job Function: Electronics Engineer 2

Job Description:

I. Responsibilities requirements:

  A charge of new projects and evaluation of pre-import.

  2 responsible for new product RF, electrical properties and other parts of the debugging and testing, and comprehensive performance evaluation and tracking.

  3 R & D and production of abnormal analysis and processing, sales.


Second, job recruitment conditions

   A high school (including) above, mechanical, communications, electronics and other related professionals; English reading and writing proficiency.

   (2) be familiar with the use of CAD / PROE other graphics software.

   3 can independently Write SOP and product operations specifications.

   4 with new product development capability, more than 3 years (HDMI) cable industry is preferred.

   5.2 years experience in mechanical drawing.




Job Function: Merchandiser 2

Job Description:

I. Responsibilities requirements:

        1 cheerful, good communication skills, English 4 above the level (priority).

        2 year working experience in business with a single, a factory with a single experience is preferred.

        3 coherent, logical thinking ability is good, can work independently and tasks assigned superiors.

        4 computer skills for word, excel can skillfully use.

        5 with teamwork, responsibility.


Second, job recruitment conditions

     A high school or secondary education, work experience 1-3 years.

     2 familiar with purchase order management processes, with a solid foundation of knowledge in related fields; headphones field work experience is preferred;

     3 energetic, passionate, hard pragmatic, honest and upright, prudent and realistic, hard working, attentive head, brain flexibility, ambition, ability to learn, targeted, persistent pursuit of success.

     4 has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, has good communication skills, a sense of responsibility.

     5 principled strong, responsible, able to work under pressure, have good professional ethics and integrity, able to address and resolve procurement tasks;

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